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Summer camps and language courses abroad

Spanish for teenagers

We run a summer Spanish course for teenagers (ages 13-17), just down the coast from Barcelona in Tarragona, and can also offer tailored made Spanish courses for groups at any of our centres.

We also send lots of children (ages 6-16) to an international summer camp at Camp Rialp, in Andorra, to learn English, Spanish or French, which may also be of interest.

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For more information about our Spanish programme in Tarragona (and for our other Spanish courses in Spain), please contact the Spanish Department in Barcelona.

For more about Camp Rialp, contact Maria or Anna (contact details in the next section).

English, French & German courses abroad

For most of our learners, however, "abroad" means in countries other than Spain.

We also have a full catalogue of language courses in other countries [information in Spanish], including Britain and Ireland, the US, etcétera), which are mainly but not exclusively intended for people living in Spain and wanting to learn English, or other languages.

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For further information in English, contact contact Maria or Anna at viajes@bcn.ihes.com or on +34 93 319 63 53 or +34 93 268 20 39.

See also the full list of IHLS Group schools in other countries.