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English courses at International House

English courses for all needs and ages

English course IH Barcelona

All of the International House language schools in The IHLS Group offer English courses to cater for a wide variety of needs and ages.

Among other courses at our centres you will find courses for young learners and adults, preparation courses for Cambridge English exams, conversation classes, one-to-one private classes, as well as in-company language tuition.

Why study English at International House

Among the other advantages of taking an English course at one of our schools is the fact that our teachers are well-trained, properly qualified professionals.

International House is one of the leading English language teacher training centres in Europe, and virtually all of our staff have training on International House courses, to International House standards.

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For further details of our English courses, contact your nearest International House centre.

See also

Summer camps

Summer camps

Information in Spanish
En Cataluña y otras comunidades, ofrecemos campamentos de verano con inglés y mucho deporte y otras actividades.

Courses abroad

Courses abroad

Information in Spanish
En Inglaterra, Irlanda, Canadá... nuestros cursos en el extranjero incluyen cursos para jóvenes y adultos, ejectivos y profesores.


Extracurricular classes

As well as the courses we offer in our own centres, we provided extracurricular language classes to local schools and colleges.


In-company classes

We also work with organisations of all kinds, from family businesses to multinational companies, to provide an extensive range of in-company language services.