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CCSE exam for application for Spanish nationality

CCSE = Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España

When can you take the CCSE exam

Barcelona and Palma Mallorca

Sitting Enrolment deadline Exam date
January 2020 January 9 January 30
February 2020 February 6 February 27
March 2020 March 5 March 26
April 2020 April 9 April 30
May 2020 May 7 May 28
June 2020 June 4 June 25
July 2020 July 9 July 30
September 2020 September 3 September 24
October 2020 October 8 October 29
November 2020 November 5 November 26

Details of the exams

  • The exam is on the last Thursday of each month at 18:00
  • Enrolment is up to 2-3 weeks before the examination (see table), provided there are places remaining
  • There is no sitting in August or December
  • The CCSE examination include 25 multiple-choice questions and lasts a maximum of 45 minutes
  • Price €85
  • Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal


Enrolment and payment

All enrolment and payment is online with the Instituto Cervantes at cervantes.es


  • The Instituto Cervantes publishes the results of the CCSE examination approximately three weeks after each sitting
  • Candidates will receive notification of the publishing of results from the Instituto Cervantes
  • Candidates will be able to access official digital certification of their mark on their own private space on the CCSE website with a personal verification code
  • Once marks have been posted, a period of one month opens for requests for review of marks


Most doubts about the exam can be solved online at http://ccse.cervantes.es.

For any queries that cannot be answered on that page, send an email to pruebas.nacionalidad@cervantes.es.

A2 on the DELE Spanish exam


DELE in Barcelona

DELE courses in Barcelona

DELE preparation courses in Barcelona

As well as passing the CCSE examination, in order to obtain Spanish nationality you will also need to have Level A2 or above on the DELE (Spanish language) exam.


DELE in Palma

DELE courses in Palma

DELE preparation courses in Mallorca

Come and prepare with us!

CCSE study material available

The Instituto Cervantes makes available the following study materials:

Especificaciones de la prueba CCSE (.pdf)

Glosario multilingüe (.pdf)

Inventario general de contenidos de la prueba CCSE (.pdf)

Modelo de prueba CCSE (.pdf)

Manual CCSE 2020 (.pdf)



Official CCSE app