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CELTA course

CELTA (TEFL) courses at IH Palma

CELTA: the initial TEFL qualification

The Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is probably the most widely recognised qualification within the English language teaching (ELT) profession.

The CELTA course is suitable for both those new to the profession and it can also act as a refresher course for those with some TEFL experience but with no formal training.

Course design

The course timetable is divided into two closely related parts. Methodology and language analysis input sessions are preceded by daily teaching practice where groups of up to six trainees work with small classes of students and gain experience of teaching at different levels.

After each teaching practice session there is feedback on the day's lesson, with your tutor and your group.

The observation of practising teachers is an intrinsic part of the course.

Course dates


  • November 2nd-27th

Course fees

CELTA + Spanish

7-week TEFL + Spanish course package, including accommodation

Your course tutors

The tutors on your course are qualified ELT professionals, with many years' classroom experience teaching EFL to all levels and in a variety of contexts. They have undergone the rigorous selection and training procedures specified by Cambridge.


Jan Wright has worked at IH Palma since 1990, having previously taught at IH schools in London, Reus and Valencia. She has been Director of Studies, School Director and, since 2001, Head of Teacher Education.

Jan is the Main Course Tutor on IH Palma's CELTA courses, and is in charge of in-service training for the school's English teaching staff. She is also an examiner for Cambridge English exams and has written course materials and provided teacher training for ELT publishers.


Andrew Sampson has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, DoS and Director in Ecuador, Colombia and Spain. He has an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, and is the Director of IH Palma as well as being a CELTA course tutor.

His research interests include the effects on second language acquisition of individual differences, corrective feedback and the classroom use of L1 and L2, and his articles on learning and teaching have been published in English Language Teaching Journal, English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher.


Amy has taught all over the world, including many years in Japan and the south of Spain. She is an Assistant Course Tutor on the CELTA courses at IH Palma and also delivers in house training sessions to current teachers. A keen conference goer, she keeps up to date with the latest developments in ELT in order to pass them on to her trainees.

She is also a speaking examiner for Cambridge English exams and has worked as a Local Tutor on for Cambridge DELTA courses.

Your CELTA trainers: informed and authoritative ELT professionals, giving you quality input, observation and feedback during your CELTA course.

Course content

The CELTA course is an introduction to the teachings of English as a foreign language and aims to lay a firm foundation on which a teacher can build as s/he gains experience. During the course, the following aspects are covered:

  • Introduction to the underlying principles of teaching language
  • Ways of presenting new language items
  • Techniques for further practice with emphasis on speaking
  • Use of visual aids, drama techniques and video
  • The listening skill, including use of taped material
  • The reading skill, including use of authentic material and readers
  • The writing skill
  • Timetabling from coursebooks
  • Alternative approaches to language teaching
  • Analysis of language from a foreign learner's point of view
  • Correction techniques
  • Teaching pronunciation


A typical day

  • 09.00—10.00 Preparation for teaching practice
  • 10.00—12.00 Teaching Practice with real students
  • 12.00—13.30 Lunch Break and writing of self-evaluations
  • 13.30—14.45 Input session 1
  • 15.00—16.15 Input session 2
  • 16.30—approx 18.00 Feedback on the morning’s lesson and assisted lesson planning.

After 18.00, trainees are involved in lesson planning, alone or with colleagues, writing assignments or observing classes, live or on video.

Note that in July this timetable changes and a typical day runs from 10:30 to 19:00 approximately.

What people say about the course...


I wish I'd known sooner that IH Palma runs CELTA courses. I was looking for a centre because in Rumania we don't have centres that offer this course. The experience here was amazing. I had great trainers who helped me discover creative and innovative teaching ideas. All in all, in spite of the hard work and long hours spent on the course and writing assignments, I can honestly say it was wonderful!

Cristina Racolta, Bucharest (Rumania)

Maria V.B.

Nothing quite prepares you for how intensive the course is but the support you receive from your trainers and colleagues is fantastic. Place your focus on the students and everything else slots into place during teaching practice. Once you get over the nerves, it's all about supporting your students and their needs. And, trust me, it's the most amazing experience I've ever had.

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Accommodation is available in an individual bedroom, with shared bathroom, in a local host family (breakfast included).

Price €450 (from Sunday before course starts, leaving Saturday after course ends).

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