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Cambridge English exams

Curso de Cambridge

Cambridge English exam preparation courrses

At IH Sabadell we have been helping students prepare for Cambridge exams for over 30 years and we are the ONLY official Cambridge exam centre in Sabadell

Courses in 2020-21

Dissenyats pels nostres experts en l'ensenyament d’anglès, aquests cursos van orientats a preparar-se per passar amb èxit els exàmens de les properes convocatòries.

IH Sabadell és centre d’exàmens de la Universitat de Cambridge amb categoria Platinum i qualsevol estudiant, sigui o no alumne de l'escola, pot inscriure's amb nosaltres.

Fast Track: special courses for the December 2020 sittings

FCE and CAE (B2 y C1) | 3 hours/week; TOTAL: 25 hours | min. 4 / max. 10 students

Days Mornings Afternoons Dates
Monday and Wednesday 10.00—11.30 19.15—20.45 October 14 to December 4
Tueday and Thursday 10.00—11.30 19.15—20.45 October 15 to December 5
Saturday 10.00—13.00 October 5 to November 30

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  • Price: FCE, €394; CAE: €410 (includes exam fees and material)
  • Exam December 14

For other sittings

Days Mornings Lunchtimes Afternoons
Monday and Wednesday 10.00—11.30
16.00—17.30 19.15—20.40
Tueday and Thursday 10.00—11.30 16.00—17.30 19.15—20.40
Saturday 10.00—13.00

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  • Month: €137 (September €68.50)
  • Term: €382 (September €63)
  • Year: €984 (September €54.50)
  • Enrolment: (new students), 20€ (former students)

Cambridge Exams

Details of exam sittings

The Cambridge English exams enjoy worldwide recognition by universities and businesses and the education authorities in many countries accept Cambridge certificates as valid proof of your language level

Many universities accept certificates such as FCE, CAE and CPE for access to their degree courses

A Cambridge certificate improves your curriculum and will provide you with the confidence that you can use English efficiently