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Spanish classes in Sabadell

Classes to suit the student's individual needs

International House Sabadell offers Spanish courses from elementary level to advanced level. Other courses we offer include private classes, company classes or special groups.

Private classes are organised and prepared for students based on their individual needs. These are determined by means of analysis before the beginning of the set of private classes.

The focus of the class is organised in accordance with the results of the analysis and may have more of a focus on aural work, oral work, written work or grammar revision.

Students are offered a timetable of between 1 and 5 classes per week, Monday to Friday, over however many weeks / months necessary.

All of our Spanish teachers are qualified, trained and experienced in the teaching of Spanish.



  • To suit individual needs.


Pack, 10 hours:

  • Class with 1 person: 410€
  • Class with 2 people: 525€
  • Class with 3 people: 700€


Payment is due at the beginning of the pack.