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Summer camps in Spain

Spanish for teens programme in Tarragona (Costa Dorada) and English language summer camps with adventure sports and other activities in Spain and Andorra

Spanish for teenagers

Spanish in Tarragona

Our main summer camp for teens wanting to learn Spanish is in the Roman town of Tarragona, 100km down the coast from Barcelona

Spanish classes only

Ages 13 to 17 ||| From 845€ /week

Camp Rialp, Andorra

Camp Rialp

Camp Rialp: English and Spanish classes and the adventure camp of your choice! If adventure sports isn't really your thing, how about dance, music or theatre?

Spanish and English classes available.

Ages 6 to 16 ||| From 800€ /week

IH Cádiz Summer Camp

IH Cádiz Summer Camp

Our international summer camp is right on the tip of the south of Spain in the lovely old town of Cádiz. Cool for the beach and the surf!

Spanish and English classes available.

Ages 13 to 17 ||| 1528€, 2 weeks

San Sebastián

San Sebastián

We're just 10km outside the lovely city of San Sebastián, up on the north coast of Spain. Also great for surfing (classes optional).

English classes only

Ages 6 to 17 ||| From 738€, 1 week

Find out more

For more information on our Spanish for teens programme (or our other Spanish courses, including those for groups, please contact the Spanish Department in Barcelona

To find out more about our English summer camps in Spain, contact Irene Ucha at iucha@bcn.ihes.com or on +34 93 268 20 39.93